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What is the position where there is no agreement in writing?

Are limited companies covered by the Commercial Agents (Council Directive) Regulations 1993?

Would I be regarded as being a “commercial agent”?

Am I entitled to a signed agreement in writing?

Should I enter into a written agreement?

What pitfalls are commonly apparent in written agency agreements?

What are the important points to establish in a written agreement?

What sort of obligations do I generally owe to my principals?

How do I deal with any request to agree to sales targets?

What are my principals’ obligations in terms of paying me commission?

How do I check that I have been paid the correct amount of commission?

How much notice am I entitled to before my agency can be terminated?

How is compensation calculated?

Am I entitled to compensation?

How is an indemnity calculated?

Am I entitled to an indemnity?

What is the difference as between compensation and an indemnity?

Am I potentially entitled to both compensation and an indemnity?

Might I have any other rights besides a claim for compensation/an indemnity?

What is the position where my contract provides for the application of law which isn’t English law?

How do I proceed in bringing a claim following termination of my agency?

What are the sorts of claims which I should consider bringing on termination of my agency?

Is my estate entitled to bring a claim in the event of my death?

What is the position in terms of retiring and pursuing a claim for compensation?

What time limits may apply to pursuing a claim post termination?

Are post termination restrictive covenants enforceable?

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